Make it to the bobbing glowing arrow to win.

WASD-to move 

QE-Rotate Player

UO-Add torque to the left plates

JL-Add torque to the right plate

This game is about my experience as a Food Runner in a restaurant and having to carry plates of food to tables. It was always a careful balancing act made harder by the drunk patrons wandering around oblivious to you and the fact that the plates were always very hot (but don't worry your nerves eventually die after a bit and you just don't feel it). I chose to do this for as an autobiographical game for my midterm because I have actually worked at the restaurant for six years (since I was 14) and it has been a big part of my life since the day I started. In a large part it marked the beginning of growing up for me as not only did I start earning money but I was thrust into the world and got to meet a lot of great people. Many people don't realize how much of a skill carry a bunch of plates is sometimes and they also just don't realize the kind of stress a job like that would have. In this game there are only three customers in the way but trust me that is nothing. The environment was modeled from memory off of the restaurant that I worked at and I can tell you there are often much more people in the way. Additionally in this game you only carry three plates but I can carry four. Simplicity in terms of gameplay and building saw me use only three and constrain the obstacles. 

It was a lot of fun to play with unity to create this. I definitely wrestled around a lot with the physics  engine which in Unity is not the best but I wanted the randomness of it to be applied within the game. The visual work was probably my fall back whenever I got mad at my other work and wanted to quit but knew I needed to keep working. I ended up doing a lot of things in code that I have never done before and somethings like getting the plates to fall correctly, took a lot of work and quiet a few eureka moments. I know I made a hard game but believe me when I say it is possible. 

AuthorJack G
Made withUnity